Hey there!  Thanks for checking out my website!

My name is Stephen Sun, and I am a fashion photographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area.  While studying my undergrad degree at UC Berkeley, I managed to stumble upon a few on-campus fashion publications, and immediately became enamored with the art of photography.

Being a self taught photographer, I have been developing, improving, and refining my craft for the past couple of years.  I truly enjoy the entire process of creating beautiful images, starting from the original vision to creating a production team, executing the plan, and putting on the finishing touches.  

My main inspiration for photography is derived from nature and landscapes. I feel that the context of a photo is just as important as the connection and feeling involved. My ultimate goal is to leave the viewer inspired and uplifted through seeing my images. 

Please send me an e-mail  using the contact form if you would like to inquire about my photography or if there is anything else you would like to know.  Looking forward to talking with you soon!